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Erudite Book Club Initiative

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Erudite Book Club Initiative

Hello people,
Inspiration is one of the core human values required to reach for our goals. Reading good books inspires us, to keep moving forward.

Lately, I have been thinking of reading more books that help me to grow, understand the world and its complexities that I have never known. I read a lot of books every month, most of which are review copies that will be releasing in the future. Blogging about new books brings people closer to these new books.

I have started an initiative of Erudite Book Club on Goodreads, to read at least one book that is already published and this book will be based on an influencer, whose birthday falls in that month. This initiative is started to dedicate some time to read about these intellectually higher beings and their work. I am reading almost 6-10 books a month but I want to dedicate one book every month to a person, to pay my tributes for the good work they did or for making our world a better place.

There are plenty of reasons for you to participate in the Erudite Book Club Initiative-

  1. The book that will be chosen will be the best and one of a kind.
  2. This is a great opportunity for everyone to read about a great person and their work.
  3. This opportunity will help you to bring out your love for reading.
  4. You will get to read a must-read book every month.
  5. Even if you are a slow reader you can do it since you have a month to finish a book.
  6. You can explore and discuss your thoughts with others. Feel free to express what you feel about the book.
  7. It will help you build a community; it is very difficult to meet like-minded people but here you get a chance to do that and discuss with them.

More Details –

So what I am doing here is every month I will pick one book that is somehow related (see below) to a Celebrity / Influencer, an intellectual person whose birthday falls in that month.
Before the beginning of every month, I will post about the influencer/celebrity whose birthday falls in that month and we will read a book related to that person.

This book can be one of these –

  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • Book on the work they did
  • A book that’s written by that celebrity

Check out Erudite Book Club on Goodreads.

Influencer of the Month –

Agatha Christie is the Influencer of the Month. She was born on 15 September 1890 in London. Christie wrote 66 detective novels and 14 short stories. She holds a World Record of Best Selling Novelist of all times.

For the month of September, we are allowing you to choose a book of your choice written by Agatha Christie since September is our first month with Erudite Book Club Initiative. From next month, we will announce about the Book and the Influencer in a post on my blog and social media.

I have picked “Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie” as my September month read.

Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie Cover
Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie

Choose a book and comment on this post to let us know what are you reading. I am planning a giveaway related to this initiative which will make this initiative even more interesting.

When you post on social media related to this initiative use the hashtag #EruditeBookClub

Spread the word and tell your family and friends about this initiative. Let me know your comments and tell me if you are in.


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