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Nalini Srivastava

Hi people,

Thanks for dropping by.
I am Nalini Srivastava, Book reviewer, and Technology Blogger. I am also an Application Developer. I always had an eye for books but till college, those eyes were only for technical books 😀 .

Nalini Srivastava

I was a nerd and it was my daily habit to check-in in the library and read the same topics from every renowned writer of that field. I loved knowing expert people’s perspective about one single topic. I may not have been a topper in my college but I knew my stuff very well.

Cut to, to life in the real world and I was working as an Application Developer in a Multinational Company. I started to read in my free time and found my love for reading books which were from the genre other than Computer Science. This called out for the beginning of reviewing books on online platforms. Recently I decided to start a blog of all the books I review. I have also loved diving into the new technologies and working on POCs, thus I will also be writing about some technical knowledge that I have acquired.

I have an interest in reading books from the following genres – Historical Fiction, History, Biographies, Memoirs, Self Help, Classics, Fiction, Religion, Satire, Women Fiction, Scifi, Business, Technology and a lot more.
I promise my reviews will be solely my personal views on the book. I will not let any means convolute it.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and please let me know your comments and follow me on Social Networks. Subscribe to my blog and get email updates about new content and more.

Nalini Srivastava.


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