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Hi There,

If you want to get a book reviewed by me, you are on the right page but before you check my book review pricing and other details let me tell you that if I review your book then I will write about it honestly and I will not change my review in any condition. If you agree with the above terms then below are book review request details –

  1. You will have to send me a copy of your book (Physical or Kindle – your choice).
  2. For a review, I charge per book basis. Please get in touch for more details.
  3. Book to be reviewed should be from the genre I happen to read.
  4. Pay in full before book review is sent or published.

If you are interested in getting your book reviewed, please drop me a mail at with the following details:

  • Public / Private Review. Public reviews will be posted on my blog, Goodreads, and other accounts, including social media. Private Review will be sent to you directly.
  • Book title, Genre, and Name of publication
  • Author bio
  • A short summary of the book
  • Front cover of the book
  • Physical copy or Kindle edition – Which one is it that you will be sending?
  • The publication date of the book.

Professional Reader

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