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    Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie : Book Review 10

    Five Little Pigs provides a retrospect view of a crime occurred 16 years before. There are five little pigs (or witnesses or suspects) of the murder of Amyas Crale - Philip and Meredith Blake, Amyas's neighbors; Elsa Greer, the young girl Amyas was painting (and was in love with); Angela Warren, Caroline's disfigured teenage stepsister; and her governess. Amyas wife Caroline was imprisoned for his murder. Philip is a friend of Amyas and Meredith is a friend of Caroline.

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    Erudite Book Club Initiative

    Erudite Book Club Initiative Hello people, Inspiration is one of the core human values required to reach for our goals. Reading good books inspires us, to keep moving forward. Lately, I have been thinking of reading more books that help me to grow, understand the world and its complexities that I have never known. I read a lot of books every month, most of which are review copies that will be releasing in the future. Blogging about new books brings people closer to these new books. I have started an initiative of Erudite Book Club on Goodreads, to read at least one book that is already published and this book…

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