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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak : Book Review 1

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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak : Book Review 1

The Book Thief Cover
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

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Published :March 14th 2006 by Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN :0375831002 (ISBN13: 9780375831003)

About the Author-

The Book Thief is written by Markus Zusak, who is originally from Australia. I must say he did a good amount of research before writing this book. This is my first read by author Markus Zusak. Zusak has written six books till date these are – The Underdog, Fighting Ruben Wolfe, When Dogs Cry(also titled Getting the Girl ), The Messenger(or I am the Messenger) and The Book Thief. After reading this book I am willing to read more of his work and thankfully the sixth book of Zusak – Bridge of Clay is set for release in October 2018. I am really looking forward to it.

Review of The Book Thief 

My feelings about the book –

This book is extraordinary in all aspects. It will make you cry (a lot), laugh, smile, and it will at times give you immense happiness. I am grateful that I read this book. I am definitely going to reread this book many times. It has become one of my favorites. It had such an impact on me that I have added this book to my Top 10 Books of all-time list and Books To Read In A Lifetime List.

The plot of the book –

The plot of the story is set up in the time of World War II.  The Book Thief is narrated by none other than Death. Millions of people died during WWII and reading about it from a book, which draws you one step closer to all those people, agitates. Most of the events occur at Himmel Street. Yes, Zusak has used the name of an actual street from Germany in this book. The author mentions the name of the town as Molching. In reality, there is a town known as Olching near Munich, Germany. Pretty close right. The Protagonist of the book Liesel Memminger lives on Himmel Street in the town of Molching which is near Munich and Dachau Concentration Camp.

Characters in the book –

The portrayal of the characters is quite accurate in this book. The relationship between characters is expressed beautifully. The writer has tried every attempt to picture the actual happenings of that times through different characters. This may be a fictional story but it is so close to reality that one might think that these characters must have existed during those times. In the time of the war, a lot of people didn’t have enough food to eat or a proper shelter which is also shown in the book.

What I didn’t like –

There ain’t anything that I didn’t like in this book.

Predictability –

Even though one knows the timelines and events of the WWII but while reading this book it was uncertain to predict. The Narrator informs/spoils a lot of important convolutes of the story. Since its Death who is telling you the story that’s what Death remembers is death.

Narration –

The narration of the book is strong and hits hard. Picking your narrator as Death says a lot about those times because there was no one better to tell the tale of such a human atrocity. The one who was touched by the war and triumphed was death, and no one else.

Verdict –

Undoubtedly, a 5 star read. I request everyone to read this book. Even if you don’t read books from this genre, I request you to just try it once. You will definitely thank me later.

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