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Fan Fiction Discussion: The Flash Season 5 Trailer Released

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Fan Fiction Discussion: The Flash Season 5 trailer released in Comic-Con

Spoilers ahead

The Flash Season 5
The Flash

The Flash Series is one of the best tv series ever made. They have got everything at par for a good series. In the recent Comic-con The Flash Season 5 trailer was released and everyone is talking about this new season. The new season will be airing soon on October 9th, 2018.

About The Flash

The Flash is a superhero TV-series by DC comics. With IMDB rating of 8.0, it is one of the best TV series of our time. If you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing on a lot of good things.

Season 4 Episode 23 The Finale –

Fighting and Saving

In the Season 4 finale episode, they showed how Berry fights DeVoe and defeats him. Later he and his team find out that the Satellite Sally is decaying and is about to fall on the Central City. Elongated Man and Vibe goes on to save the people out on the street and that is when Berry spots a huge piece of the satellite is about to fall on a building. He runs towards the falling satellite piece to give it a supersonic punch.

Marlize DeVoe, who is working with the Team Flash, for now, thinks he might destroy himself in the process. Next, we know is someone punches the satellite piece with Berry. There were two fists going towards the satellite they do not show who it was with Berry.

From the season 4 episode 16 – Run, Iris, Run we have seen that Iris has a purple streak when she was a speedster and we have also seen her uniform is completely different from Flash’s uniform.

Party at Joe’s place

Team Flash is having a party at Joe’s place to welcome the baby girl and there comes Nora Alan, Berry’s daughter from the future. Nora is wearing the jacket that is identical to Iris’s Flash uniform jacket. We know that someone who punched the satellite along with Berry was wearing the same uniform(we saw her arm).

Nora enters Joe’s house and says “This house is bitchin”, the exact phrase that Berry conveyed when he returned from the Speedforce after staying there for six months. Vibe was trying to understand the meaning of this phrase for a long time but eventually gave up thinking its jibber that Berry had said because he was mentally unwell.

The Flash Season 5 trailer released in Comic-Con 2018 –

The Flash’s finale episode was cut short because of time constraints but they have added the deleted scenes from that episode into the trailer and I hope these will also be part of the Season 5 Episode 1.

My Observations –

Since Nora is a speedster like Berry and she must know that while she is time traveling she cannot reveal about it to anyone otherwise it might impact their decisions and consequently their future. Thus, she did meet people from Flash Team but did not reveal her identity. Nora has purple and red streak when she runs, which is a combination of Berry’s Red and Iris’s purple streak. When Nora was sitting in ‘Jitter’ – the coffee shop, she wrote in her diary in the same language Berry wrote in after he came back from the Speedforce.

Nora has been in different episodes of The Flash Season 4. She was there in episodes before and was seen in the coffee shop twice, she was at the wedding of Berry and Iris, she also came at the baby shower. Also, she helped Berry with the falling satellite. She reached the satellite at the exact second. When Nora came up to Joe’s house in the finale episode and said, “I made a big, big mistake”, which means she came back to the past and messed up her future, probably.
I noticed in the trailer that Nora has not shared many scenes with Iris. Also, Nora told she is known as XS in the future.

My Theory –

My Theory is – Nora came back a number of times from the future. She had different hair lengths in earlier and last episode’s scenes. Every time she comes back she creates a time remnant of herself. Time remnant may or may not be evil. She came to Joe’s place to ask Berry for help because she is stuck in Berry’s present and is not able to go to her present. She has changed her future a lot by traveling back and forth in time.

A lot of wrong happenings in season 4 might be because of Nora, who came back in time to witness her parents wedding, or to meet Team Flash. Eventually, she created another timeline(s) and this timeline will be called XSPoint, like FlashPoint.

Nora is not on good terms with Iris in the future. She gets help from other members (Vibe) of the flash team in the future.

Season five will have a supervillain from the comic books (Cicadas) and by the end of the season, we might also get to know about the time remnant of Nora.

More stuff from Season 5

In Season 5 Berry will get a Flash Ring from Nora, which is straight out from the comics. The trailer also shows Berry and Walle in a plane which is attacked. As per the comics book, in a similar attack, they phase out all the passengers on the plane before it crashes.

Watch the trailer here –

Did you like the trailer?
What do you think of the possibilities of my theory?
What is your theory of The Flash Season 5?
If you liked my post let me know in the comments below.

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