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The Unity Game by Leonora Meriel : Book Review 2

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The Unity Game by Leonora Meriel : Book Review 2

The Unity Game by Leonora Meriel
The Unity Game by Leonora Meriel

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Published :April 25th 2017 by Granite Cloud

I received a copy of this book in Giveaway by the author Leonora Meriel. I thank her for this book.

About the Author-

Leonora Meriel grew up in London and studied literature at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and Queen’s University in Canada. She worked at the United Nations in New York, and then for a multinational law firm.

In 2008, she decided to return to her dream of being a writer and to dedicate her career to literature. In 2011, she completed The Woman Behind the Waterfall, her first novel. The Unity Game is her second novel.

Review of The Unity Game

My feelings about the book –

The Unity Game is a thought-provoking book which dwells on the big questions of human life, such as survival, purpose, and ambition. This book has three parallel stories which are very unique and the storytelling style is unusual. This book has fluid timelines and its attractive, the narrative draws you into it. All three stories deal with different aspects of paranormal, sci-fi and mystery. From the beginning of the book, Meriel has created suspense and you are always on the edge with “What’s going to happen next?”. The end of the story did not payback as requital for the suspense created.

The plot of the book –

This book has three stories. The first story is about a banker, David, working in New York, something is driving him into madness.  The second story has a being from an advanced civilization who is fighting to stay alive, Noce-bouk. The third story is of Professor Alisdair, who is trying to unlock the mysteries of the world of the afterlife and help his granddaughter in fulfilling her purpose in life.

Characters in the book –

The story of David as a banker is great and very believable. It depicts the life of a typical New Yorker but the personal life of David and his girlfriend(s) seems like it is written only to grab attention and many a time there isn’t enough explanation of why David is doing something, what is driving him?

The alien story where Noce-bouk is trying to survive is very ambitious for the author. It is not easy to frame this story. There are very few events happening here, as the author is trying to explain more about the civilization and expansion of knowledge about the Unity Game.

Professor Alisdair’s story is a well-written story. After his death, Alisdair meets his deceased wife and is trying to understand the Unity Game to help his granddaughter Elspeth in achieving her soul’s life purpose. This story is very interesting. Elspeth’s is the best story told in the book. This is the most thought-out story.

What I didn’t like –

There are so many things that could have been better in the Alien story and David’s story. The violence pursued by David is unimpressive. The end of the story didn’t pay up for me and there is a longing feeling and not contentedness.

Predictability –

The suspense is maintained till the end and I was captivated in reading page by page. The storytelling kept me hooked until the end. There were things that caught me by surprise and I applaud the author for that.

Narration –

The narration is completely engrossing. All three stories are completely different from each other and from the first chapter reader will be thinking how can such different stories be converged or ended. This drives the reader into reading more and more.

Verdict –

Even though the book is a 3.5-star read, it is worth reading. It pushes you hard to think of the bigger and harder questions of life.

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