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Uplift A Pilot’s Journey by Grant Corriveau : Book Review 5

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Uplift A Pilot’s Journey by Grant Corriveau : Book Review 5

Uplift A Pilot's Journey by Grant Corriveau Cover
Uplift A Pilot’s Journey by Grant Corriveau

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Published :April 17th, 2018 by CWR Press
ISBN :9781987762

I received a review copy of this book from the Publisher on NetGalley. I thank the publisher – CWR Press, for this book and for the opportunity to review it.

About the Author –

Grant Corriveau was a commercial plane Pilot. Uplift A Pilot’s Journey is his first book. He is working on another book called Airline Pilot: A Day In The Life.
Know more about Corriveau.

Review of Uplift A Pilot’s Journey

O Captain! my Captain!

Uplift is an inspiring read. It inspires you to shoot for your dreams however high they may be, however hard the situations may be. It inspires you to have precision at your job every single day. A Pilot can never make a mistake and stay alive. There is too much at stake. A Captain makes so many decisions every single day and yet there is no decision fatigue. You may have hundreds of hurdles, the hours clocked can be difficult, the weather can be monstrous, there are thousands of things that can go wrong. You have to work with the team and come up with a solution in the definite time that you have. There is no Google as your savior( like it is for many other jobs). Plus you also have the responsibility of the passenger’s life and you have limited fuel.

My feelings about the book –

Captain Corriveau was not only a great pilot but is also a great writer. All chapters are crisp and to the point. There are professional words from the aviation industry used in this book but they are in bold and explained in the glossary, at the end of the book and also in the chapters wherever used. Thus this book was effortless to understand. The book emboldens and leaves an impact.

The plot of the book –

This book is an autobiography/memoir of Captain Grant Corriveau. He penned his life’s experience as a Pilot and flying almost every day of his life. Uplift is an easy read. Anyone from any background can read this book and relish the experiences shared. It does not need any prior knowledge in the field. Beginning from the time when Corriveau wanted to become a professional Pilot and ending at his retirement day, this book covers almost every designation he worked at. All challenges and expectations are crystal defined.

What I didn’t like –

This was a great book, the moment I started to read this book, it was unputdownable. Every Chapter is another adventure in the life of a Pilot. I am giving it 4 stars because I felt everything good about the job was well covered but something that annoyed Corriveau was not mentioned in details except for late night flights.

Predictability –

Life of a Pilot is unpredictable. Every moment is living by the rules, flying day in and day out. Every work day is different and has its own challenges.

Verdict –

This was a facile read about the difficult job of being a Pilot. It is one of the Must Reads Books. If you are an aspiring pilot then you have to read this book.
I guess I have never acknowledged the terrific job all Pilot’s do. I Salute you!

Did you like the review of this book? Have you read any such inspirational memoir? Let me know in the comments below.

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